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...Countdown to BMW HGT'22 Event...

Behind the name...

Starting in 2018 as a group of young car enthusiasts, we decided to upscale our interests in exclusive M&M-Performance cars by organising the first edition of the M&M-Performance Club Car meeting which occurred in November 17th of 2018 by the gorgeous Louwman Museum in The Hague, The Netherlands.The ///M&M-Performance Car Club group has a wide range of car ownership. Cars ranging from the earliest M cars to the most modern models. And even though the cars have changed dramatically over the years, there’s one common thread that joins us all together. We love our cars, and the joy of driving the Ultimate Driving Machines.

Our group has grown because of the dedication of our members. The content of the group is constantly moving forward because our members are actively involved in contributing to an ongoing conversation. The group now has membership from twenty different countries, showing the strength of the enthusiast community from all over the world.

What we do?

M&M-Performance Car Club offers its members an unparalleled experience... We exist to promote the varied interests of BMW M owners and enthusiasts in the spirit of fun, friendship and safety. We bring together people from all walks of life who care about and appreciate fine BMW cars, their heritage and style.

News & Events

M&M-Performance offers its members unparalleled calendar of social activities and lifestyle events, including track days and lifestyle events geared towards the automotive enthusiast community.


Something very cool is underway to the M&M-Performance Car Club members. Stay tuned!

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